Party Makeup and Hair

Party Makeup 

Party Hair + Makeup

Kashmiri Chai

A soft combination of gold and rose gold eye shadows brings out the elegance and poise that comes with this look. With a hint of brown in the corners and bold black eyeliner, dewy looking skin looks best. We use a soft rose lipstick and blush to finish the look!

Read My Lips!

It’s all about the lips. We use a combination of different products to define and contour the eyes while focusing mainly on the lips. This look is perfect for anyone who wants to rock bold red lips and is ready to party!

It’s That Simple

This makeup look is all about enhancing that natural glow. With dewy-looking, highlighted skin, a touch of blush, soft smoky eyes and neutral lips, it’s just that simple.

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Earth, Wind and Fire is all about colors! Inspired by the world’s natural elements, these looks incorporate healthy-looking, matte skin with smokey eyes using both warm and cool tones. The final look embraces a bold red lip for a fiery finish.

The North African

This is a beautiful smoked cat eye, created using earthy neutral colors and bold lashes. This fierce and sultry makeup looks best when combined with neutral lips.

Custom Party Makeup

Have any ideas of your own? Feel free to let us know! Create your ideal makeup look with us!