How to Contour for your Face Shape

How to Contour for your Face Shape

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Today I will be talking about contouring and how different techniques are used to contour various face shapes. You can define and shape different areas without making it too obvious that you had help. I am sharing a bunch of ideas and techniques to soften a broad forehead and carve out striking cheekbones.

Square Shape

This face type has strong facial definitions and shape. So, you have to create an illusion of creating some length on the face. Apply light at the top of the cheekbones to create volume on your face and dark at the bottom to decrease the volume and enhance the contours of your face all the way up to the temples. The dark contour will end at the farthest corner of your forehead that is close to the hairline. Contouring your face in this way will instantly lift the face that will give an illusion of an overall length.

Round Face

A round face gives an impression of a full face with round jawline, chin and cheeks. You want to achieve an angular appearance for your face with contouring. Adding length to the chin and dimension to your jawline with really enhance your face structure, Contour with the darker shade just under the cheekbones, moving towards the ear and then go upwards along your jawline. Add some color in the center of the chin to create a lengthening effect and dust near the hairline on the forehead. Sweep the lighter shade with a blush brush on the top of your cheekbones, bottom of the nose in the center and brow bones.

Oval Face

Oval shape is the most desired shape for makeup. This face is famous for its natural contours and unique shape. The ideal way to contour an oval shape is hitting the area under the cheekbones. You have to contour in such a way that uplifts your face. Take a darker shade, start from the middle of the ears, just under the cheekbone and go all the way over to corners of your mouth.

If your face is a long oval, then contour under the chin to create a shorter appearance and contour the top of the forehead. Enhance your face contours by sweeping the darker shade on the sides of your neck. Highlight the tops of your cheekbones, center of the nose all the way to the bottom, brow bone and upper lip for maximum impact. This will create an illusion of less distance between the lower lip and tip of the chin. Sweep the darker shade on the top of your forehead to decrease the lengthened forehead.

Heart Shape

This face is a combination of inverted triangular and oval shapes. The cheekbones and forehead are the widest points of your face. The key is to soften them up with a darker shade and align the cheekbones with the jaw. If you have a prominent chin then blend the color upwards in the center. Balance the silhouette by highlighting the sides of your jawline and center of the forehead. Add some highlighter under the lower lips, just at the top of your chin. Keep your hand gentle and use sweeping motions with a medium brush to blend.

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