Here at Aysh Makeup, we strive to offer our services within the sole focus of our clients. Our goal is to provide them with the full beauty experience. With cleanliness as our top priority, we use top of the line products to give them a flawless look while simultaneously nourishing the skin underneath. Our one-on-one consultations help to establish a sense of trust and faith, and we aim to implement those ideals in a relationship we hope to last for a lifetime.

We believe Aysh Makeup to be the place where Beauty Meets Revolution. What started off as a business for beautiful makeup looks and hairstyles has now transformed itself into a brand of advocacy for women empowerment, equality, diversity and the well-being and growth of our community. Fun fact: 10% of our profits go to charities and organizations that empower our women and support our orphans. Every client that comes in has contributed to a cause far greater than all of us: beautifying one leads to beautifying all.“

We recognize the importance of standing up and speaking out. We indulge in our ability to challenge the status quo. Our secret ingredient? Beauty. Giving back is our way of highlighting our inner beauty, cheekbones, everything. Aysh Makeup’s revolution fights for beauty in women, in communities, and in diversity. It is our passion, and is what drives us to be the place where beauty meets revolution.


Aisha is truly dedicated to her craft and has the ability to transform you while helping you stay true to your personal makeup preferences! Went to Aisha for makeup as a bridesmaid and was worried about the heat wave we were in! Regardless I had a stellar experience. The makeup lasted all night long!

Noureen Qureshi

Aisha is a versatile makeup artist who can create beautiful looks for both day and night. She took the time to consider what would look right with my skin tone and was so kind, welcoming and professional throughout the process. It was a pleasure having my makeup done by her!

Rose Catlos

Having my Makeup done by Aysh Makeup was absolutely an amazing experience. Aisha knew exactly what the right colors for me were and how to apply them. She didn’t use a standard method to apply my makeup. She made sure that the makeup matched my face and skin type. I didn’t have to do any touch ups. I can’t wait for Aisha to do my makeup again!

Alia Suqi

It was my first time getting my hair and makeup done at home. I was extremely happy with the end result. I had a great experience and look forward to hiring Aysh Makeup for my future events.

Lisa S.

I appreciated Aisha's personableness. She was very friendly and explained everything. At the same time all her equipment was very clean and together. She did an amazing job on my makeup and really knew what she was doing. I was very happy with the experience.

Maryam S.

Web Developer